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Automatic MP3 from FLAC

I much prefer lossless audio when listen to music. When listening at home through my PC or home theater I find MP3 leaves something to be desired, unfortunately I do not have the storage space on my cell phone to bring my FLAC collection with me.

While I could rip all my CD’s as both MP3 and FLAC, that leaves downloaded FLAC files to convert, and is considerably time consuming.


Printer Heads Up Display

Fix one of IT support's biggest pain points with a simple HUD.

Markdown Table of Contents and Other Conversions

Recently I’ve found myself needing to create documentation in multiple formats for work, often needing specific document heading and a table of contents. Fortunately there are many similarities between documents, so I can create documentation based from a single source Markdown file. I can’t show exactly what I’ve created for work, but I can certainly show some examples of what I’m able to do…

Building a Better Intranet Page

One barrier I and many others find in efficiency while working on the computer is the time it takes between switching between keyboard and mouse. I find it much easier to keep my hands on my keyboard and use more shortcuts, so I wrote a simple intranet page that keep that in motion up to reaching outside websites. Below is a brief video, as well as the code shown below.

Please let me…